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Parker Roaf has 15 years of experience in antique and classic automobile restoration, repair, maintenance and “show-quality” detail. He has worked in two of New England’s most elite restoration shops where he gained both knowledge and experience. His passion for antique and classic automobiles provides his customers the assurance that the highest quality maintenance and repair is provided. The old Packard marketing slogan “Ask the Man Who Owns One” rings true, as Parker personally owns a 1956 Packard 400. Parker also holds a board Parker Roaf owner of Parker's packards repair and restoration.position with the North Atlantic Packards Club and is an active club member.

While Parker specializes in Packards, he has extensive experience in the other premiere American auto makers of the day including Pierce Arrow, LaSalle and Hudson.

Parker’s Packards facility in Holden, MA is a clean, organized, modern shop that takes pride in quality workmanship. They have a great working relationship with local craftsmen in all aspects of automotive repair and restoration. Be it custom machining, chrome plating or upholstery, they work closely with their specialists to assure a quality job.

Packards have not only been a part of Parker’s career, they have also been a major influence in his life. When first introduced to Packards by a family friend, Parker knew he had been bitten by “the bug.” Anyone who knows Parker recognizes instantly that he has a passion for “everything Packard.” He has in-depth knowledge on not only the mechanics of the automobile, but period touches that are important to show-quality vehicles.

Whether your automobile is a show quality restoration or a weekend cruiser, Parkers Packards can service, maintain or restore your vehicle for miles of carefree motoring.

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