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Hudson Hornet

Hudson introduced their revolutionary “step down” design in 1948. Hudson engineers utilized mono-built construction where the body of the car became integral with the frame and the passenger compartment was inside the frame rail. This design allowed for a car with a lower center of gravity and better handling than other American cars. As a result the 308 ci. 6-cylinder Hudson Hornet dominated stock car racing in the early 50’s, despite the fact that the competition all had 8-cylinder engines.

The 1953 Hudson Hornet pictured here was recently purchased from a gentleman in his 90s who had owned the car since the 1960s. The car had not been used much for a number of years. We have readied her for the cruising season with a fuel system cleaning including carburetor rebuild, new fuel lines and gas tank lining. For safety we have replaced most of the braking components. Factory correct power steering using all original components was added to improve slow speed maneuvering. Check back soon for more photos and info about this Hudson Hornet.

1953 Hudson Hornet