Parkers Packards | Service, Repair, Restoration of Packard Automobiles


We take a hub and spoke approach to antique car restoration. We act as the hub of the restoration project and work with some of the finest craftsman throughout New England to facilitate the restoration of your antique car.

As the hub of the restoration, all disassembly, reassembly and most of the mechanical work takes place in our Worcester, Massachusetts shop. Throughout the process, we transport your chassis and or body in our antique car restorationenclosed trailer to the specialists associated with each aspect of the restoration.  We monitor the progress and quality of every aspect of the restoration and keep you informed throughout the process.

Paint removal, body work, panel fabrication, priming, painting, chrome plating and engine machine shop work are all performed by craftsman who specialize in these aspects of automotive restoration. As each phase of the restoration is completed the vehicle is reassembled here in our shop.

To insure precise fit of body panels and trim the car is assembled while in final primer. All chrome and stainless trim is fitted to the primed body before final plating. This extra step insures a precise fit during final assembly.

Finally we road test the car extensively to break in the new components and sort out any mechanical issues.

1954 Packard Convertible undergoing restoration Packard dashboard restoration chrome trim replating Packard frame off restoration