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Pre-Purchase Inspections

Antique & Classic Automobile Purchase Consulting

Just as you wouldn’t purchase a home without enlisting the services of a qualified home inspector, it is recommended by many in the automotive Parker Roaf owner of Parker's packards repair and restoration. industry to hire an independent automotive technician familiar with antique and classic cars to assess the mechanical, cosmetic and safety condition of a vintage vehicle before purchase.

A Pre-Purchase Inspection is not a guarantee of automotive perfection as there will always be risks associated with a vintage vehicle purchase. However a Pre-Purchase Inspection, performed by an antique car specialist can significantly reduce some of the financial risk associated with antique and classic car ownership.

Avoid the pitfalls of Antique & Classic automobile acquisition.

We partner with our customers to help provide a worry free automobile purchase, be it through a private sale or auction. Parker will inspect the vehicle to make certain it is worth the purchase price prior to your acquisition. Parker has over 15 years of experience working on classic and antique automobiles and has the knowledge to ensure your purchase will be worth the investment and provide years of vintage motoring.

Our Inspection Process
In addition to looking at the vehicle as a whole, we take time to inspect the vehicle part by part to ensure period correct authenticity and make certain the vehicle is not missing anything. The inspection includes review of the engine compartment, electrical system, charging system, cooling system, interior, undercarriage (what we are able to view depending upon location; shop, show or auction) chrome and body panels. 

V-8 Packard Engine, Pre-Purchase Inspection
1937 packard Super 8, Pre-Purchase Inspection
Packard Service & Repair, Pre-Purchase Inspection